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"STILLNESS IN THE WATER" AKA: "JAWS" by Carl Gottlieb and Peter Benchley From the novel by Peter Benchley OVER BLACK Sounds of the innerspaces rushing forward. ANOTHER PART OF THE BEACH NIGHT Tom and Chrissie are separated from the others, silhouetted against the fire, she pauses and looks at the ocean, he is plodding along in the sand, winded. She runs headlong into the inviting sea, plunges cleanly into the water with a light "Whoops! Behind all this, we continue to hear the sentimental, beery chorus of alma maters. Then it too is sucked below in a final and terrible jerking motion. Before Brody can answer, Michael, his oldest boy, enters, holding his hand.

Then a splinter of blue light in the center of the picture. Chrissie runs down the slope of the dune towards the water, leaving Tom reeling atop the dune. Tom is trying to trail her by her clothes, like Hansel following bread crumbs through the woods. Then we see it -- a gentle bulge in the water, a ripple that passes her a dozen feet away. She looks around for him, finds him still on the beach, his feet tangled in his pants, which have dropped around his ankles. HOLD on the eddies and swirls until we're sure it's all over. CLOSE ON TOM ON BEACH In his shorts, laughing to himself, turning in slow stoned circles, held prisoner by his windbreaker which seems to have him in an armlock, as he struggles to free his arm from a tight sleeve. Ellen Brody, a tall, attractive blonde woman, enters from upstairs. (she indicates bag of clothes) I'm taking them to the Thrift Shop. Pick out what you want to keep -- it's mostly your city clothes. There is bright new blood on it, but he is sensibly unconcerned.

We can see the Amity Police shoulder patch as he goes to a van parked outside. ISLAND HIGHWAY - MORNING Martin Brody's Country Squire police wagon rushes past, taking the view to an enormous billboard depicting a typical summer day in Amity. He is affected by what he's seen, but there's work to be done. AMITY MAIN STREET DAY In the busy center of a town preparing for the big Fourth of July weekend, Brody wends his way around sidewalk activity, purpose and haste in each stride. Brody nods yes, and starts to move away, but Keisel holds on to him. LYNWOOD Stuff's no good to me in August when the Pilgrims come in June... HARDWARE STORE AND STREET - DAY Brody emerges with enough poster-board, wooden stakes, nails, paint, and brushes to close every beach on the island. Brody pulls up in the Amity Police jeep, and starts toward the people. BRODY (interrupting the merriment) Doctor, you're the one who told me what it was! I think we all agree we don't need a panic this close to the 4th of July. His family's been here since the Puritans -- half this island are his cousins. We've got a vandalism problem we ought to talk about... KINTNER Let me see your fingers -- He holds out his hands. BRODY'S POINT OF VIEW Out beyond the kids and the dog, the Fat Lady is bobbing around, out way too far, isolated from the other swimmers. - DAY A fish's-eye view of the bathers: lots of little kicking legs, rafts with tasty arms dangling in the blue, slowing circling, favoring one raft (little Alex's). (laughter from all) VAUGHN That's private business between you brave fishermen and Mrs. (to Brody) -- Chief -- BRODY (stepping in) I'd like to tell you what we're doing so far. The banner at the top of the page reads: THE KNOWN AND REPUTED MANEATERS. They pause to watch the declining moments of the day. One of them seems to be whispering bounty news to three youngish men on a nearby dune. DENHERDER (reaching into the bag) Leg of lamb this time? DENHERDER (a hyena laugh) We're blowin' half the bounty on bait -- The splintered pier sways to and fro as the men reach the end and start to work. A section of chain tangles around the handle and flips the entire machine into the air. ANGLE - JETTY The end of the jetty is yanked loose. But -- INSERT - CHARLIE'S HANDS The algae is too slippery, and his fingers keep sliding back. You knew all those things, and still my boy is dead now and there's nothing you can do about that.

At the door, he takes a windbreaker off a peg and goes on out. Nodding, he starts to look down, an inch at a time. Brody dips into file drawers for the appropriate forms. BRODY If this is going to work, you've got to keep current stuff out here, and put 'closed' files in there. Brody slips behind his typewriter, putting paper in the machine with the effortless ease of years of practice. He touch types, hardly ever looking down, checking his notes and listening with one ear to Polly. so overstocked that beach umbrellas, aluminum deck chairs, and rainbow beach towels splash a surplus of color from the display window to the sidewalk. HARDWARE STORE DAY The store proprietor is busy at work on an inventory list with a mainland delivery man. ON THE BEACH AT AVRIL BAY - DAY Two older Seascouts look on with stop watches and clipboards, while some Parents shade their eyes from the sun, watching their offspring. MEADOWS ..Bill Mayhew almost caught him in his net...? VAUGHN (taking Brody aside) It's all psychological, anyway. You yell 'Shark' and we've got a panic on our hands. MAN AND HIS DOG As Alex and the boys hit the water, we see the man throwing his stick into the waves, his dog swimming strongly after it. DENHERDER Is that 00 bounty on the shark in cash or check? The dizziness stops on a book page showing a black and white rendering of eight species of shark. In the background some workmen are taking down the shutters from a quaint summer cottage. OCEAN AND PIER - NIGHT Selectman Denherder and his buddy, Charlie, a professional angler, row towards a tumble-down jetty that leads fifty feet out into the black water. Charlie takes out a monster hook and together they push the wheelbarrow onto the rickety pier that is only about five feet across. The chain is coming out so fast that it begins to drag the wheelbarrow to the end of the jetty. CLOSE - PILING A lineup of five decrepit 2 x 4 inch pilings SNAP with a resounding CRACK. Charlie has reached the last pylon toward open sea, and his hands clamber for a hold. You knew it was dangerous, but you let people go swimming anyway.

We see him cross to a little boat built for two or three that is settling low in the water as a seventh man climbs in with his gear. He continues to call directions and move people out of the way to set up his shot. ANGLE SHOWING VAUGHN APPROACHING THE DOCK Brody spots the Mayor coming towards the dock, and detaches himself from the group to join him.

BACK TO DOCKSIDE Hendricks is mediating the argument between the two men, and we can hear a plaintive "But Lenny," from the local as Brody sees something that makes him move towards the other side of the dock. Brody, a landlubber for sure, is trying to direct traffic to untangle this new mess. HOOPER Well, if one man can catch a fish in 50 days, then I guess 50 of these bozos can catch a fish in one day -- beginner's luck. MEADOWS Okay, everybody, I want to get a picture for the paper -- could everyone clear out of the way? Hendricks hold up the "Beach Closed" sign in ironic victory.

Whatever he sees has a marked effect on his entire physique. ANGLE ON MICHAEL BRODY AND HIS FRIENDS He's trying to salvage a soggy piece of birthday cake, holding it above the water, paddling with his other hand. ALONG THE WATERLINE ON THE BEACH The Man with the Dog is whistling into the ocean, looking for his dog. There is a flurry and a bustle as everyone rearranges themselves and makes their way into the Amity Selectmen's Council Chambers. COUNCIL CHAMBER - DAY The crowd is thronging into the large room. There is a bit of the showman in him, as well as a bit of killer- whale. He's a bad one and it's not like goin' down the pond chasing blue-gills and tommy- cods. A little shakin', a little tenderizing and down ya' go. BRODY (turning to Ellen) I want him out of the ocean. HOOPER Look, maybe this is the wrong time to pursue this, but I'm not sure...

He adjusts his glasses, trying to make sense of what he is looking at. ANOTHER ANGLE - WATER Alex Kintner, paddling around, making boat sounds, tooting, going "vroom, vroom." ANGLE ON THE BOY AND GIRL They kiss, embrace, kiss again. They sink beneath the waves, knotted in an embrace. Alex is paddling around near them, but not involved with them. THE WATERFRONT A huge splash explodes in the water near the gang, an eruption of foam and spray that stops everyone cold for a moment. Since this affects all of us, I suggest we move into council chambers, where there's more room... HASSETT I didn't raise my kids to be some fish's lunch! TAFT The motel is all I own -- you pull the plug on this town and I go down the drain with it. He is a large, rough man, a professional fisherman marked by daily physical toil, About 45 or 50, it's hard to tell where the scars leave off and the wrinkles begin.

Brody nods understanding and steps up cautiously and looks down. They exchange distant pleasantries, he strokes away. ANGLE ON THE GANG PLAYING IN THE WATER Michael has just been drenched. A big waterfight ensues, the boys splashing and chopping at the water, shouting battle cries and karate whoops. (whistles) He continues to ad lib calling his dog, but there's no answer, no dog in the water. CLOSE ON MATHEW, SPLASHING BACK He hits the water, which sprays up suspiciously pink. (addressing the crowd) Everybody, could I have your attention? ANGLE ON QUINT, THE MAN IN THE BACK OF THE ROOM He has just run his large, coarse fingernails over the blackboard.

There's enough there to satisfy the most gluttonous shark. From her, we pan off to reveal other cheerful bathers enjoying that last uncluttered weekend before the season starts in earnest. OUT-OF-TOWNER You're charging me double the usual rent! The man passes Brody a cigar box filled with dynamite sticks. HOOPER Officer, I wonder if you could tell me where I could find Chief Brody? A speedboat chugs by, one of the occupants reading instructions aloud from a book entitled "Sharks - East Coast, Vol. A few yards off stern we see a triangular dorsal fin crossing back and forth, struggling, jerking, the mighty tail threshing. They are attacking the threshing beast with all they've got. Rationality wins, and he turns on the recorder again.

In the daylight, Cassidy misconducts himself, wavering between inflated maturity and tear-blown adolescence. they say it's those nine-year-olds from the school practicing karate on all those nice picket fences. The Shopkeeper abandons the little boy and meets Quint. It slams behind him as Quint gets in and drives away. AMITY BEACH - DAY A plump jelly-bowl of a woman plunges into the ocean. TAFT Just 'cause a cat has kittens in an oven, it don't make them muffins. ANGLE ON BOAT RENTAL - PIER An argument is in progress between and Out-of-Towner and the Boat Rental Man. The armada is spread out and moving in a ragged circle, fifteen boats in all. A smaller boat going in the opposite direction offers us Barwood, forking spaghetti leftovers into the ocean while his friend pours out a bottle of ketchup. The tangle explodes -- Both the Out-of-Towners and the Scallop Fisherman falls over backward -- ANGLE - HARRY'S BOAT Three men are aboard, one holding a rod which holds a fast arc. The owner of Pratt's boat throws it forward and Pratt removes a .45 automatic from the holster of his belt. As they near the scene of the struggle, eleven other boats begin converging, until -- HARRY'S BOAT Everyone wants to get into the act. He stops, turns off his recorder as emotions wage war with his senses.

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