Are stephanie and chris from sons of guns dating

After Woody angers Governor Melcher when Ethel invites her to Brickleberry for a political rally, the rangers wake up to a superhighway running through the park, so Woody runs for governor and Ethel runs against him to prove that women can be competent politicians.Meanwhile, Steve is stuck in his cabin thanks to the superhighway and gets picked up by a deranged killer, and Connie joins Bobby and Bo Dean's militia, who makes the militia more inclusive to all races, ethnic groups, and sexual preferences.After getting caught in a forest fire, Steve and Denzel wake up in the hospital with switched skin colors.Meanwhile, Connie freaks out when she finds out the visiting Secretary of State used to be her Marine drill sergeant who forced her to eat as punishment for storing food in her foot locker.

Meanwhile, Steve tries to keep Malloy from finding out that he was the one who killed Malloy's parents (as seen in "Welcome to Brickleberry").When Steve volunteers to track down the person who has been leaving the park littered with half-eaten goats, he finds his father - the greatest park ranger Brickleberry has ever known - living in a cave. Williams and decides to marry him, but cool down when Steve learns that Connie, who has a crush on Ethel, is planning to assassinate Mr. The dam that holds back Brickleberry River is destroyed by fireworks set off in honor of Woody's birthday.The park floods and the rangers, along with the rest of the survivors, must re-form society on an island the rangers are washed onto.Meanwhile, Woody interviews new candidates for park ranger after hearing about Steve's death, Malloy begs Woody to give him the job so he can use the park's guns to get back at two bully raccoons, and Denzel is caught in the middle of an elderly mother-daughter catfight.Ethel tries to cure Connie's dependence on a psychic, while Steve and Denzel do some undercover cop work and are mistaken for the new Russian marijuana growers after the main undercover cops are killed, and Woody neuters Malloy to keep him from humping everything.

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