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The attack on overseas officers in the Civil Service is fairly general and has not been relived by the numerous discussions I have had individually and collectively with Ministers. I told him that we were consulting the Governor about this proposal and the suggestion that had been made by the Governor that a Company of the Jamaica Battalion might be sent to relieve the Company of the Royal Welch Fusiliers in British Honduras. Taking all the actions of Ministers together and considering them in the light of the communist jargon used and the known communist connections of some of the leaders, I am convinced, and have to state categorically, that the Party is not a true nationalist one, but that the Ministers and the Party are completely in the hands of an extremist clique with totalitarianism aims planned from outside and are taking measures which are being carried out by the classical communist technique. The sugar strike was deliberately engineered by certain of the Ministers to secure the dominance of a particular union in the industry for their political purposes. (2) Any person who so long as any order under subsection (1) of this section is in force in relation to any society or organization, manages or works for such society or organization or in any other way assists such society or organization to continue to exist or takes part in any activities thereof, shall be guilty of an offence against this Order. Port Mourant is entirely closed down and at a number of other estates the turn out had been very poor and grinding at factories is only intermittent. After the special sugar funds were instituted, the companies appear to have taken the line that the contribution of 10/-* a ton to the Labour Welfare Fund was and relieved them of the obligation of doing anything further in respect of general housing and unnecessary for them to take advantage of the very generous Income Tax concessions in respect to workers housing. Gordon-Smith Major Barlow of the War Office rang up to enquire whether they could now give definite instructions for the withdrawal of the Company of the Royal Welch Fusiliers from British Honduras to enable it to be sent to British Guiana. But the nationalism of Ministers has gone far beyond legitimate bounds in fomenting racial hatred. (2) Every billeting notice must, in order to be of any effect for the purpose of this section, define by reference to the particular service or services in which they are engaged the persons for whom accommodation is required by the notice. Jagan, Sydney King and Lachhman Singh have been touring estates encouraging workers to strike. If trouble starts the Governor will call on the Commanders directly for support when he considers it desirable. I have returned this morning from my first official visits to British Guiana and Trinidad. found themselves in complete power with no administrative experience and a host of irresponsible election promises to honour. They deliberately spread the stoppage of work to other industries including services essential to the life of the community which it was their duty as Ministers to protect. It will be for the Commanders to ask London for reinforcements if they think the situation warrants it. I will send you an account of my Trinidad visit within the next few days. During my week in the Colony, I was able to do a certain amount of travelling (I visited the Torani Canal and the Corentyne drainage and irrigation project); and I had lengthy discussions with Savage, the principal officials, the State Council, the Ministers and various leading citizens. As things were at the time of my visit, I formed the opinion that the senior officials are completely disheartened and pessimistic; that the public service is approaching demoralisation; that the business and commercial community are embittered and frightened; and that there is grave anxiety among responsible and fair-minded people like the Anglican Archbishop. P.'s sweeping victory at the General Election was undoubtedly unexpected either by them or by anyone else. It was to be expected that their initial months of office would, in these circumstances, be a period of confusion and dislocation. They then attempted to gain their political ends in trade unions by legislation and to set aside the rules of the House to get this passed at once.

A swimming bath might cost the companies the interest on the capital involved and although not vital would have reflected an interest of the owners in their workpeople. Ministers have persistently sought to subject the Public Service to their political control. Provided that nothing in this section shall make it an offence for any for any person or persons to take part in a strike in any service not being an essential service within the meaning of the Trade Disputes Essential Services Ordinance, 1942, of the Colony.

I did not see one library on the estates I visited so the people read the extremist literature provided by the Party. There has been no single action of any Minister in the past six months which [one and a half lines illegible]* at the election seem to me admirable and if implemented would have improved the life of all, but when I compare the state of the territory today with what it was when I arrived I find the most alarming deterioration in its economic life and a spreading of social unrest which is endangering public order. The Minister of Education has boasted of his intention to alter the education system, even to the re-writing of text books, in ways which can only be intended to subvert and poison the of the young. (4) Any person who, without lawful excuse, fails or neglect to comply with any such order or directive, or prevents or obstructs or interferes with any other person in the performance of any such order or direction shall be guilty of an offence against this section.

Jagan, brought up on a sugar estate; Burnham, twice abused publicly overseas for being black; Jainarine Singh, a qualified agronomist, failed to obtain an appointment in this his country; Chase a reasonable trade unionist labelled communist unfairly; Lachhmansingh and King warned off certain sugar estates. I have been in the homes, in the fields and in the workshops, and I believe that many of these people would have responded, and may yet respond, to sympathetic and sane leadership. The assistance and advice of the whole public service was at their disposal and, as you know, I have made no use as yet of my reserve powers to prevent them acting as they wished. I have now to tell you that these Ministers have failed utterly to live up to their responsibilities and, regardless of your welfare, have devoted all their energies to perverting the Constitution for their own extremist ends. They have proposed the repeal of the Essential Services Ordinance which would enable the life of the country to be paralysed by wild cat strikes which could deprive you of water supplies, electricity, transport, and drainage and endanger food supplies and public health. (3) The Governor, or any person authorized by him in that behalf, may pay out of the public funds of the Colony to a person directed in addition to any remuneration due to him by virtue of an order made under paragraph (b) of subsection (1) of this section, an expenses reasonably incurred by him in complying with the terms of the order; and the provisions of subsection (3) of the preceding section shall apply for the purposes of the recovery by the Government of such remuneration and expenses in like manner as such provisions apply for the purposes of the recovery of the costs and expenses referred to in these provisions.

A few other documents (which were never classified or secret), and whose source is not the British Archives, are included in this collection to add to the historical perspective. I do not think your coming would cause any comments as I was told the other evening at Colgrain that you were coming out in October! Let us all now join to work together that our country may outgrow these past unhappy months and go forward to a brighter future. Required information will, however, be sent to you as requested if any arrests are subsequently made. The above was drafted before the receipt of your top secret and personal telegram No. I have again considered the matter most carefully, but whilst I appreciate the risk of leaders stirring up disorder etc.

The source for those additional documents is noted below the text. Attempts to bring out the Waterfront and Transport have so far failed, but Gov't think the Transport and Post Office will go out on Friday, 11th. I still feel very strongly that it would be a grave mistake to anticipate action on their part with consequent loss of goodwill and support of large section of the community.

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The Ministers of the Government, as well as the House of Assembly, were dismissed by the British Governor, who proceeded to appoint an interim Government made up of persons who were political opponents of the PPP. What the majority of the Ministers is trying to do is to cause chaos in the Colony, then go to the Colonial Office and say that it is because they have not complete control, that these things are happening. I have also decided that in order to preserve public order and the safety of lives and property I must, much as I regret having to take this course, declare a state of emergency. to take place after arrival of troops instead of before.

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