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Identifying your ideal outcomes and bottom lines for each of the issues before the conference is recommended. For example, if you understand that child support is calculated using the legislature’s child support guidelines and it is rare for Judges to deviate from guideline child support, it may be easier for you to reach an agreement. In negotiations it is important to know your risks and what you stand to lose if you don’t settle your case.You may decide that guideline child support is the appropriate level of support in your case and the only related issues to negotiate are the time share, incomes and deductions that should be used to calculate the support. To determine your estimated costs of trial, take into consideration any attorney fees, expert fees, miscellaneous costs, lost wages for time spent at trial, and any other fees or costs you anticipate incurring.(Prov ) With all these verses painted into the background of a decision to marry, the next series of questions will help a couple discover how much they really know about one another to see if this is the time to marry.We tell couples that pre-engagement counseling, or resources like are there to make you confident. God has called us to be married to each other for a lifetime” or, “NO, we are good people but not good together so we should free each other to move forward in life and perhaps marry another person.” So the key is to gain the information to become confident (one way or another).Before you can ask and answer how long an engagement should be, you should first ask, “How well do I really know you?

Being able to weigh settlement offers against the possible costs of going to trial can make it easier to determine whether to accept or reject an offer. For example, even if you aren’t legally entitled to receive spousal support your spouse can still agree to be legally bound to make support payments. In my twenty years of experience, I have found this to be rather sage advice for a number of reasons.

In counties like Marin County, California, divorcing couples may participate in impromptu settlement conferences with the Judge or Commissioner assigned to their case or in Bench Bar conferences.

Bench Bar conferences are settlement conferences facilitated by two attorneys and a Judge Pro Tem (an attorney who has been appointed to serve temporarily as a substitute for a regular judge).

Settlement conferences facilitated by the Judge who will also be the trial Judge if the case is not settled can pose a variety of problems.

For example I recall an Alameda Judge telling me that if my client did not settle and chose to go to trial, she would lose because the Judge had decided he was going to rule against her.

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