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That's not to say we should downplay the physical dangers of uncommitted sex. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) - and there are now more than 50 STDs (according to the CDC) - can rob you of your health and even your life. Studies have shown condoms to have an annual failure rate of 10 percent to 36 percent in preventing pregnancy because of human error in using them and because they sometimes leak, break, or slip off. In a 1993 analysis of 11 different medical studies, condoms were found to have a 31% average failure rate in preventing the sexual transmission of the AIDS virus.

Again, that's a 31% failure rate for protecting against a deadly disease!

Are you warned about this when condoms are promoted as tools for "safe sex" by teachers or in TV ads?

The relative silence in America about the emotional elements of sex is ironic.

Sex was meant to be more than just a biological act.

God meant sex to be a one-flesh experience -- the bonding of two people physically, emotionally, and spiritually for life.

But if you treat it like a game, it can have very harmful, long-term consequences.

Chlamydia Sterilizes In the 1950s there were only five sexually transmitted diseases that were known and treated. If you get this disease more than once, the chances are much greater that you will never be able to have children. They put pictures of themselves with their prom dates in the ad.

Outstanding Senior Guys At first, abstinence may sound negative, but it's a very positive choice that brings you freedom and peace of mind. The headline reads: "True Love Waits" and goes on to say, "we are making a statement to our fellow classmates that we will never abuse women, use them for sport and dump them.

Rockwell continues, "The baby was extremely alive and swam about the sac approximately one time per second, with a natural swimmer's stroke. Girls come into my office for pregnancy testing, and when I tell a girl her test is negative, she gets a look of relief over her face, as though to say: "I'm off the hook. You have a four times greater chance of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease than you do of becoming pregnant.

This tiny human did not look at all like the photos and drawings and models of 'embryos' which I had seen, nor did it look like a few embryos I have been able to observe since then, obviously because this one was alive! For nine years I've also had to tell hundreds of girls their tests were positive -- "You're pregnant." Immediately they want an easy, painless way out. Your choices at this point are bad, terrible, and worse.

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