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—Not An Asshole There’s nothing about preferring—even requiring—a particular set of genitalia that will result in your being stripped of your trans ally status, NAA.The issue is adding a few words to your profile (“no trans women”) that might spare you from the horrors of having coffee with one or two trans women over the course of your dating life but that will definitely make every trans woman who sees your profile feel like shit.I told him that it wasn’t a good idea due to the sharp bits on it, and while he may have gotten this one out, one could get stuck and then we would have to go to the hospital. —Helping Ingenious Son Make Other Moves “HISMOM has handled this really well so far, and I am impressed with her clarity and calm about this situation,” said Amy Lang, a childhood sexuality expert and educator, a public speaker, and the author of Birds Bees Your Kids (birdsandbeesandkids.com). This is insane and will cause a host of problems—can you imagine if he says to his teacher, ‘Yesterday, I played with my butt plug! ” I’m going to break in for a second: Do NOT buy a butt toy for your 5-year-old kid—if, indeed, you and your 5-year-old kid’s butt actually exist.I’m way more than half convinced that your letter is a fake, HISMOM, something sent in by a Christian conservative out to prove that I’m the sort of degenerate who would tell a mom to buy a butt toy for a 5-year-old.HISMOM needs to calmly ask her son, ‘I’m curious—how did you figure out that it feels good to put things in your bum? Depending on his response, she may need to get him a professional evaluation to make sure that he’s okay and safe. While it doesn’t sound like he’s traumatized by this—he’s so open and lighthearted about it—you never know.” Regardless of where he picked this trick up, HISMOM, you gotta tell him that it’s not okay to put stuff up his butt because he could seriously hurt himself.I know, I know: You are a progressive, sex-positive parent—if you exist—and you don’t wanna saddle your kid with a complex about butt stuff.

You don’t want his hands and toys smeared with more fecal matter than is typical for the hands and toys of most 5-year-olds.

Just writing to say that I agreed with your advice to the lesbian dating-site user.

I agree that putting negative/exclusionary notes like “no trans women” or “no Asian guys” in a dating profile is a turnoff—and not just to the excluded group but to those who find those kinds of comments to be mean-spirited and narrow-minded.

The world is already an intensely hostile, unwelcoming place for trans people.

Why would someone who considers himself (or herself, in the case of CIS) an ally want to make the world more hostile and unwelcoming?

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