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Mongo here, and over the holidays I’ve had a few, free moments to catch up on some thoughts that I’ve always had on how we can make this a more common, and easier hobby to get into for our newer (or current) users.

And that brought me to one aspect of this hobby that comes up more often than I care to admit...lying/hiding.

Yes I am a RB refugee and while submitting reviews there didn't give premium access, it did give more access. Another peeve I have is that I can't post in forums. I was there two weeks ago and had an amazing with other guys? Let me explain, I work with men (usually 35 divorced men) who have issues meeting and dating women. is investigating a potential crime scene, and you are present and considered a possible witness or suspect and the police ask for you to identify yourself, you must do so. On hobby phones, recycle them every six months or so (some of the ladies are indiscreet and will call you if you haven't visited them in a while).I dump 10 bucks in every 3 months and I find that enough for my hobbying. If you don't have an office they try a post office box or something. If you must have contacts scramble them (initials etc). A couple of times I have had to go to the store and get a sports cream or something to disguise the smell.Maybe the garage but any place at home is fair game for her finding it. I like to get hand sanitizer rub it on where ever touched, esp after an .to the house, Now I understand the use of a Hobby phone.the other day I intended on going to one that had moved so I called because there seemed to be a lot of cars in the lot and was told to come in an hour so I called one of my favorites to check their "workload", and got the green light if I didn't mind a new girl.

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