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In the 1881 Census there were two Keeseys living the suburbs of Birmingham: Thomas Keesey ('weighing machine filer') in Kings Norton, and Walter Keesey ('weighing machine maker') in Yardley. & Sons K&S Kenrick Founded by Archibald Kenrick in 1791, in Spon Lane, West Bromwich. The firm still occupies the same site, now close to the M5 motorway. [See picture in new window] Kenrick (Samuel) [i] Saml Kenrick Samuel Kenrick left the family firm in 1828, and established the Summit Foundry, also in Spon Lane, West Bromwich. [See picture in new window] Knight [c] Knight This name is stamped on sovereign and half-sovereign weights. Suppliers of all kinds of dairy equipment, including ceramic weights. [See picture in new window] Maclean [b] Maclean & Co. were in business in Neville Street and Pottery lane in Newcastle in the 1870's and 1880's. Newman [b] J Newman Dublin Seen on a brass 1lb weight with no other markings.

John was at 16 Green Street, Bethnal Green, in 1885 [Kelly], and Alfred was at 38 Cudworth Street in 1910. Patston and Sons, scale makers, was still operating in the 1970s. Church [p100] mentions an agent for Kenrick's by the name of Payton - there may be a connection.[See picture in new window] Penn - see Fenn Perry [b] Perry Ilford Perry & Sons, Ilford Walter George Perry & Sons were at 391 High Road, Ilford in 1908 [Kelly]. Peterson [b, i] E Peterson, Grimsby Seen on a brass flat-circular weight.In the trade section of the Grimsby street directory of 1935/36, E Peterson is listed as 'Scale and weightmaker', at 1c Stanley Street, Grimsby. & S Pooley, Birm Pooleys were a firm of mechanical engineers, founded in Liverpool in the 18th century.If you need to stamp important documents with a phrase and date, then this is your ideal component.The Colop S120/WD Rubber Phrase and dater produce perfect and clear imprints. VAT *Next day deliveries cannot be offered to all locations, and occasionally shipments may be delayed by credit checks.

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[See picture in new window] Mc Craight [b] Mc Craight, Maker Mc Craight, London A London firm of scale and weight makers going back to the 18th century. Other addresses and variants of the name are known. The firm was listed as scale makers at 113/115 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle in 18.

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