Dating younger women divide by 2

I cant speak to older pairings like a 69 year old guy with a 20 year old woman. I know many woman in the low 40s who would love a man to have their own. I cannot understand how a man 60 years old or plus could even think of dating a woman older than 25. Maybe long term but isn't that the case with all of them. However, it is not just a 'to each his own' type of situation.

So if he was 70 or so, it really wouldnt bother them. It is looked down on and questionable and in some cases perverse.

But if you really have no idea how old or young you should be dating, this silly formula can actually be eye opening.

To find out what the youngest age you should date is, take your current age, divide it by 2, and add 7. This seems perfectly reasonable, and I was pretty excited to compare this age to celebrity crushes.

That seldom happens because of the careers that men and women choose.

In the USA(NOW) there is supposed to be equality of the genders so therefore a male should search for a female his own age to consort with.What are the reasons behind why it is accepted some places, but not in others??What are the underlying principles as to why some view it as 'ok', and other view it as unacceptable??And in other cultures (the USA among them) this is something reproachable, and not as accepted. One likes this and the other likes that and the third thinks one is better than the other and the one who thinks he has less wants more and there is a conflict and the problem is called the problem when its people that made the problem and you can't blame people and absolutely not yourself so there is something wrong out there with the actions of others and so you make laws to impose your views and opinions on others and then society and people change and laws that sent people to prison are repealed and new laws are made and people end up waiting in long boring lines to get a stinking government document that says they can marry someone they are in love with so they feel that it's ok to force others to live the way they do and acting against the current views and opinions are punished severely and finally you get old after working a full life and say my reward is in heaven... However, it is not just a 'to each his own' type of situation.It is looked down on and questionable and in some cases perverse.

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As a very unfortunate example - are logically arguments and points of view supporting either side, pro or con, so what are they?? Dating a younger person with that big of an age difference is NOT accepted in the States as something 'ok' and acceptable.

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