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After a couple of months, Iorgu unintentionally implicates himself, and the group is individually located and arrested by Comrade Holban (Anton Lesser) and his police officers.

Their arrests happen on the same day as the Luna 2 landing on the Moon.

Max's ex-brother-in-law (Darrell D'Silva) arrives and relieves Holban of duty due to negligence and exhaustion.

Max asks him to send the Gang into space instead of executing them, but he angrily retorts that astronauts should be heroes and not traitors.

Alice becomes enraged during the robbery when she seeing Mirel filming it.

Virgil follows her to a house, where she says goodbye to her son.

Afterwards, they have dinner at Virgil's house and sleep together.

The rest of the cast consisted of Anton Lesser, Joe Armstrong, Christian Mc Kay, Monica Bîrlădeanu, John Henshaw, Gwyneth Keyworth and Stuart Mc Quarrie.

Principal photography took place in Bucharest, Romania in late 2011.

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