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However, Falun Dafa practitioners prefer the term Falun Dafa, which refers to the overall practice and philosophy (Newsroom 30 Apr. Falun Dafa literally means "Great Way of the Wheel of Dharma" (CRS 10 Sept. "Text of Chinese Parliament Resolution Banning ' Heretic Cults'." [Accessed 31 Oct.

1999, 1) or "Law Wheel Great Law," according to an Ottawa Falun Dafa Website (n.d.).

Followers characterize their objectives as individual and limited in scope. "Police Continue Round-up of Falungong Followers." (FBIS-CHI-1999-1026 26 Oct.

Falun Gong's supreme organ in China is the Falun Dafa Research Society (FDRS) in Beijing. During this period Falun Dafa practitioners reportedly continued to demonstrate against media that were critical of the group, including a protest in Beijing on 6 July 1999 (China Daily 6 Aug. There are historical precedents for the current crackdown against Falun Dafa and other movements, dating from the 19th century Taiping and Boxer rebellions (AFP 26 Apr. Less than a week after the April 1999 demonstration by Falun Dafa practitioners outside the Zhongnanhai compound in Beijing, an AFP report, which included a reference to a report in the China Youth Daily, provided a summary of the prosecution of cult leaders, including the 1995 execution of the founder of the "Peiliwang - Heavenly Kingdom of the Resurrected King" sect and the impending retrial of founders of the "Zhu Shen Jiao - Supreme Spirit" sect on charges of rape (AFP 30 Apr. The following month police in Chongqing detained 71 followers of the "Disciple Sect" on suspicion of having plotted to assassinate a local official (ibid. It was also reported in August 1999 that police were monitoring another qigong-based group, the "Xiang Gong," a group that was reportedly officially registered with the Qigong Association (AFP 14 Aug. Immediately after the passage of the resolution banning cults, leaders of two other movements, the "Way of Compassion" in Hubei province and the "National Way" were arrested (BBC 2 Nov. In spite of these measures and those taken against Falun Dafa, other "mystical groups" are reportedly continuing to recruit members, according to an AFP report that lists a number of qigong-derived practices (26 July 1999b).

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Falungong (Falun Gong) literally means "Law Wheel Exercise" (CRS 10 Sept.

1999, 1); according to the Ottawa Falun Dafa Website, Falun Gong means "Law Wheel Cultivation Energy" (n.d.). According to the Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR), the principal Falun Dafa Website (among many) is

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Followers assert that the group lacks a hierarchical chain of command and has no routine procedures for coordinating activities. Nonetheless, the size of the demonstrations and the speed with which followers were mobilized in April 1999 indicate that an informal but well-knit and effective network of dedicated leaders and followers had developed. "Rights Group Says Falungong Trials to Begin Next Week." (FBIS-CHI-1999-1028 28 Oct.

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