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Past this point, sometime in the spring of 1898, the Company’s “ Gandy dancers” spiked down their rails.

The completion of the CNL opened southern Alberta and B. for Canadian industry, and though the CPR was responsible for the resultant prosperity, it was resented both for its wealth and its apparent disregard for the “little guy.” Being a business, and a large, Eastern-owned one at that, it was naturally more concerned with its bottom line than with the convenience of the folks living along its right-of-way.

By 1907 the denizens of the Alberta side of the Pass were exasperated enough with CP that several local businessmen provincially incorporated the Crow’s Nest and Prairie Electric Railway Company which they envisioned as running a fifty-kilometre-long “inter-urban” streetcar system from Sentinel, at the eastern end of Crowsnest Lake, to Pincher Creek, the “ Prairie” end.On the right, across the narrowed throat of the Crowsnest Pass, Sentinel Mountain, point-guard for the south stretching Flathead Range, fills the viewer’s south-east quadrant as it rises to 8,000 feet behind nearby Island Ridge.Invisible in the trees, an old path winds away to the south-west, passing the base of the highest mountain in the region, Ptolemy, into whose 9,234 foot-high crags an RCAF Dakota slammed on January 23rd, 1946, killing all seven aboard.In exchange for the subsidy the CPR had signed the Crow’s Nest Agreement on June 10th promising to forever haul grain and flour from the Prairies to Eastern consumers at 4¢ per ton, and reduce rates on Ontario manufactured farm equipment delivered to the West.Having already purchased the charter of the BCS and its attendant provincial grants from The British Columbia Coal, Petroleum and Mineral Company, the CPR broke ground on this, the “ Crow’s Nest Line” (CNL), at Lethbridge on July 14th, 1897.

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Climbing onto the low interlacustrine ridge the No.

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