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We share, she says, “the best relationship I’ve ever had with a human being.” Which does not necessarily mean monogamous.“I’m going through a very liberated phase right now,” she says.Gene, 67, and his stunning wife took a break from picture taking to give each other a sweet kiss on the red carpet.His leading lady, meanwhile, was the picture of style in an off-the-shoulder black blouse and jeans, an outfit which complimented her svelte physique to full effect.As she stutters at the start of the act, “What you see up here may look like an adult, but it’s really a child with very long legs.” That self-perception, plus her palpable and perpetual fondness for Bono and Allman, suggest that the long-legged kid really is growing up.

The autobiographical act cost half a million to mount, including nine peekaboo Bob Mackie costumes and one ,000 effect that failed (“We really ate it,” Cher concedes, “on the laser butterfly”).“I think I have a very masculine attitude to dating.” So she doesn’t mind if her prince charms others.“Gene might spend time with another woman and stay the night,” she shrugs, “but he wants her to leave in the morning so he can get on with his day.” Cher admits that Simmons’ heavy road schedule (Kiss tours as much as 11 months a year) has given him a “totally warranted” rep for 1,000 one-night stands, onstage and off. I don’t screw around.” And perhaps that’s what endears her to Simmons.“I want to do other stuff besides being a performer,” she admits, “but not politics. I’ve got good insight into people, and I’d like to use that someday to help other people.As crazy as people think I am,” says Cher, with considerable justice, “I’ve really always been honest. It’s gotten me into trouble, but I always say so if I’m screwing up.” What’s next?

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“The architect and I got a lot of ideas from the souvenir book that came with the TV movie ,” Cher admits ingenuously.

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