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People are apparently all about creating cartoon versions of their face, which i Made Face allows you to do. I’ll just be honest here: the majority of the images I’ve seen really look nothing like the person they’re supposed to.

This is a no-holds-barred lovefest for my favorite celebrities, rebels and biker chicks; women qualify for this column simply by changing my life and/or moving me deeply.

And I really, really, really wanted to watch it for the rest of all time in complete and total isolation from every other human or sentient being on the planet.

It was a music video starring Madonna as some batshit insane criminal who was fighting herself, her enemies, and her tormentors all at once. She was wearing a slinky tank top with the bra straps out and she kept laying her body on top of a table.

I can only imagine how many […] Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., best known as Lil Wayne, has given himself more nicknames than ancient Roman royalty. Bands like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, who you may have heard of, cut their teeth doing covers of their favorite American blues and soul songs.

Rap Genius documents more than 50 of these names – as classic as Weezy F. As a new band, covers can […] JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE STOLE YOUR JOB It’s happening again.

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