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Kensi Blye, fresh off being left by her fiance, wants one thing: to get through her senior year of college drama-free, and without getting attached to anyone. Not as dark as it sounds, there will be laughs and tears both[COMPLETE] Maura helps Jane through a terrible shock, developing an even greater intimacy.

When she meets a charming law student at a party, she can't help but feel stuck on him..smitten, whatever.: After a prank goes bad Director Vance decides to send the offending agent to Los Angeles and the Office of Special Projects. Will they be welcomed or treated like an unwanted outsider. One night, a totally unexpected kiss leaves them puzzled and confused. / Keeping it as close to reality as possible, with a mix of angst, humour, fluff and a murder case investigation.

When Kensi's blood work for her routine physical comes back with unexpected results she has to start making some hard decisions about how she wants to live her life and what affect she will allow it to have over her partnership with Deeks.

A story about what happens when Deeks takes Hetty's orders to pick Kensi up at the airport and take her home literally. I'm fixing some mistakes in existing chapters before completing the story. I'm hoping that this will stop all of the death threats.

A wedding brings everyone back together, but just how much have these changes affected everyone's lives? A Spemily focused story with mentions of Aria, Hanna, and Alison friendships. Plus so much more for our favorite team and family. She's ready for her future but until then she has summer.

It's been eight years since their high school graduation, and in eight years a lot has changed. Kensi said, "You know what, sometimes I really wish that you don't talk for at least a week. Densi with side Neric Whilst trying to figure out whether they want to be together, Jane and Maura are faced with an even bigger mess when a secret of Jane's threatens their happiness, and co-parenting Maura's son adds to the pressure. Also up Eric and Nell plan a wedding while Nell is pregnant. Will rate at M just incase some of the stories go there. She has good friends, comprehensive parents and a great boyfriend.

They will cross the world and put everything on the line to fight for their love and their family. Starts a little after the Small Pox case in season 3. Both of them have scars they don't want to talk about. See how he handles being a full time dad in addition to being LAPD-NCIS liaison, not to mention his famous 'thing' with Kensi he still hasn't worked out! Callen and Mac welcome Anna into their family, Kensi and Deeks deal with having a new baby. It can be a general idea or couple or a combo of both. Please also let me know the rating if you want Adult material or not. Ups, downs, and their pups will bring our favourite agent/detective crime fighting duo closer together. It seems that both of them have things that they are hiding. He hasn't had the chance to be in his son's life because of the boy's mother, but now Deek's son Leo is his complete responsibility! Each chapter of this story will be from prompts from you my readers. For those who have read the story 'WHAT IF THEY MET BEFORE' here is the SEQUEL that you have been waiting for.ugh, just read it if you want to know what the heck I mean, because obviously even I don't know. Two best friends, living together, raising a child and solving murders. REQUEST THEM : DDeeks is away on assignment and Kensi is drowning in her solitude.

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They are going back to face new challenges together as their relationship has soared over the last few months. What happened and why is Polish arms dealer hunting for her? Enjoy :)Kensi returns back to work after being home recovering from her trauma she faced, but she comes back to find out Deeks is in trouble.

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