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‘The placement had been imaginatively written on an antique-looking mirror inside the marquee and the names included William and Catherine Wales.’Her absence triggered a flood of speculation across social media, especially when it emerged that William was in no particular hurry to leave after the wedding, staying on in the village for another night and day.

Some of the remarks were plain bitchy — ‘Catherine of Arrogance’, for example — while others queried suggestions that this was some kind of maternity leave — ‘maternity leave from what exactly? Many of Kate and William’s friends were there, including multi-millionaire film-maker Arthur Landon, whose former SAS officer father Tim was known as the ‘White Sultan’ for his derring-do in Oman, and the Sky Sports Formula 1 presenter Natalie Pinkham, who posted online a picture of herself and husband Owain Walbyoff in their wedding finery.

‘She knows how to handle him and she lets him have his head from time to time to blow off steam,’ says one of her loyal circle.

‘And remember, her sister was there, too.’But she attended none in the two years after they married and is thought to have been to only three since — the wedding in 2013 of polo player Mark Tomlinson to Olympic horsewoman Laura Bechtolsheimer in the Swiss resort of Arosa; that of the Prince’s long-time friend William van Cutsem to Rosie Ruck Keene (William’s old flame); and that of friends Tom Eaves and Libby Keir in London last year.

Friends of Kate were privately insisting she had let it be known two weeks earlier that she would not be attending.

But the rumour-mongers were busy when it was reported that the names of Kate and William were still on the seating plan for the reception in the picture postcard village of Thurlestone.

While using a heavy, lead blanket to protect against X-rays at the dentist, for example, may be effective on Earth, heavy materials can worsen the effects of space radiation.

On the face of it, none of them was especially provocative and some seemed eminently sensible.

But a few old Palace hands worried about just how things would work out.

It went beyond merely fending off the pesky paparazzi and involved the use of expensive media lawyers, and the meticulous planning of future royal duties and the upbringing of the children they were planning, to create an extraordinary protective bubble around the family.

In short, the Middleton Rules would establish that the middle-class values embodied by Kate’s family — and which throughout the years he dated Kate the Prince had found so appealing — were not abandoned the moment she was upgraded from girlfriend to Duchess.

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