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My argument is that Sade is both egregiously over-execrated but also egregiously over-praised.Another way of looking at this blog is it’s about my adventures reading about and a few of the works of the famed Donatien de Sade.In the first half I discuss his little-known late gothic novella (based on a real life notorious court case), , is a third book combining these modes.Plessix-Gray’s book was sold as woman’s look at Sade, and especially providing insights about his wife.But what I’m about to share are examples when the outcomes of online matchmaking has turned downright scary.,” in their “profile.” In fact, the latter situation to which I’m referring (divorce), not only included children; he was essentially living dual lives with different addresses simultaneously, where his CHILD SUPPORT checks were mailed from the alternate PO Box, along with ALIMONY to his ex, in addition to being the gathering-place for piled-up court papers, traffic tickets, and yes - love-letter-evidence from another woman he was also courting. Two current women thinking they’re the only one, an ex-wife, three children, and money being sent to two of the ex’s, one required additional for child support.I mean, I can hardly keep my schedule straight with just two children, one husband and one address.

, was the ending of a marriage which included outrageous feuding and complex finances.

A few situations were too captivating to remain untold.

It might even raise your “red flag radar” a bit, and save you from needing to commission us in the future. we’ve all been the proverbial shoulder for a friend or two whose love-match-made-online, turned out to be a sham.

I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to play roles in two lives, afford to send support payments to other dependents, try to see them once in awhile keep your “current-exciting- life,” hidden from all current-players, as well.

Red flags WERE everywhere, but ignored, and guised under the umbrella of “love.” And eventually - it all came to the surface.

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