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It will also include a call for the participant to state, by September 2016, whether they wish to have the funds disbursed in their entirety or transferred to a potential contract in the third pillar of supplementary pension insurance (‘penzijní připojištění’) or additional pension savings (‘doplňkové penzijní spoření’).Pension companies will also inform the participant of the possibility to pay the rest of the contributions to pension saving funds so that their pension assessment rate is not lower for the period over which they participated in the second pillar.For 2016, compensation for the wear-and-tear of the vehicle increases by 10 hellers, with the employee entitled to CZK 3.80 per kilometre travelled.In contrast, fuel-related allowances have seen a marked decrease in the regulation-adjusted prices of fuel, which is a response to the 2015 drop in prices.

Accordingly, the threshold for the solidarity tax has been raised: in 2016, this will be paid if the gross income exceeds CZK 108,024 a month.

Employees are newly entitled to meal contributions in the amount of CZK 70 if the business trip lasts 5-12 hours, CZK 106 if the business trip lasts between 12-18 hours, and CZK 166 if the business trip lasts for over 18 hours.

The rules governing the reduction of meal contributions remain unchanged.

This obligation applies to all taxpayers who receive tax-exempt income in excess of CZK 5 million, which also includes those who are not obliged to file a tax return.

If the taxpayer does not fulfil the duty to report, they may face a fine amounting to 15% of the entire tax-exempt income.

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The funds will be abolished as of 1 July 2016 and will be placed into liquidation, which is to be completed by the end of 2016 (with the pension funds thereby ceasing to exist).

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