Russian jewish singles dating marriage

What about the children and the grandchildren of intermarried Jews?

Smith's study also makes plain why the Jewish age structure has become so skewed.Economic advancement, the availability of birth control, and rising educational achievement caused Jewish fertility to start dropping as long ago as the middle of the 19th century in Europe and later in other modernizing societies like the United States.Nor, as is well known, is the phenomenon limited to Jews, or to the U.For one thing, as the 2000-01 NJPS confirms, Jews marry later than other Americans, with the greatest disparities occurring in the age group between twenty-five and thirty-four.For Jewish women in particular, late marriage means lower rates of fertility compared with other Caucasian women ― who themselves are barely producing babies at replacement level (figured at 2.1 children).

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Add to all this the losses sustained through the high rate of intermarriage.

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