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SUNY has provided live training events in coordination with State Police ever since New York passed the Enough Is Enough law in 2015, which required students, staff and administrators be trained in sexual assault prevention, and all colleges in the state to adopt affirmative consent policies and amnesty policies for those who report assault.Since many states have their own laws when it comes to campus assault, Storch said it was important that the training course be easily customizable.Since Centennial College focuses on practical skills and business training, it’s no surprise that ...ALBANY — The growing awareness and alarm about sexual assault on college campuses in recent years created an unexpected business opportunity. They lacked basic information about the spectrum of sexual abuse — what constituted assault, harassment and even stalking."We didn't know if it would be picked up by 10 institutions, 100 institutions or 1,000," said Storch."To think more than 1 million students are served by the institutions who have downloaded it — we were pleasantly surprised." Course content includes definitions of rape, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, dating violence and consent, diagrams about the cycles of relationship violence, lists of resources and accommodations for victims, reporting options within the university and criminal justice system, and quizzes to test students' knowledge.Their mother, my wife, would be horrified if that happened to one of our children so I'm just as disgusted by …

Read More Dragons' Den, for those that haven’t seen it, is a Canadian CBC Television show about startup businesses, where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a real group of investors, and try to make a deal.It's up to each campus if it wants to require the course as part of freshman orientation or other annual training requirements, he said.into sexual assault allegations at the United States Air Force Academy, current superintendent Lt. Jay Silveria said he's "disgusted" by the reports, but also said the academy doesn't have "problems" when it comes to handling the cases.Other SUNY and CUNY campuses and administrators were brought in to help out, and eventually the program's development expanded to include private colleges like Siena and the state Department of Health.The end result is a course that's consumer friendly: easy to access, easy to use, relevant and customizable.

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