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Moreover, they can help the European industry to remain competitive and generate and potentially help create new markets, jobs and growth across Europe.

Europe must exploit this potential by bridging complementary capabilities, resources and demand avoiding duplicated, disconnected and fragmented actions.

URL: Start Date: 01 June 2016 End Date: (60 months) Type: MSCA-COFUND-2015-FP – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Co-funding of regional, national and international programmes (COFUND-FP) Contract Number: 713640 Funding Agency: EU-EC Funding Programme: Horizon 2020 INL Role: Coordinator (Participant Contact: Paula Galvão) Project Coordinator: International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory INL – Mono-beneficiary Budget Total: € 3.398.400,00 Budget INL: € 3.398.400,00 Title: PANA: PROMOTING ACTIVE AGEING: FUNCTIONAL NANOSTRUCTURES FOR ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE AT ULTRA-EARLY STAGES Project Description Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the leading cause of dementia and loss of autonomy in the elderly, implying a progressive cognitive decline and limitation of social activities.

Progressive aging of EU population will increase the magnitude of this problem in the next decades.

To address this gap, an investment in Pilot line projects and facilities that enable demonstration in an industrial environment has been made.

These pilot facilities respond rapidly to scaling-up needs which are essential for SMEs and start-ups.

The main objective is to foster the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and related key enabling technologies by SME to upgrade their production processes towards resource- and energy efficiency and sustainability.

They consist in: URL: to be defined Start Date: 01 November 2017 End Date: 31 October 2020 Type: Innovation Action Contract Number: 773872 Funding Agency: EU-EC Funding Programme: H2020-EU.

The monitoring of quality services will be delivered by requesting feedback from manufacturing SMEs receiving services.

The platform will unite all SME-service oriented KET Technology Centres with expertise on clean production.

EPPN activities include: The ENRICH consortium has been set up in order to have a project team with complementary experience and competence that can ensure a high impact of the project activity and results.

The project will be led by INL which has already sound experience (at international level) for providing rapid prototyping service for market introduction of knowledge-added intense high TRL-level products through the rapid deployment of knowledge, facilitated by rapid prototyping, in partnership with business users.

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YPACK will use a holistic approach and methodology involving different knowledge areas: Development of packaging solutions (Production of PHBV layers, compounding, prototyping, Industrial Validation), Product Validation (Quality / Shelf life), Social approach (Customer profiling, Dissemination, Policies & Regulatory) and Market Assessment (Business study and Risk assessment).

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