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Getzschman said she knew of three couples who met at past events and are now married. Speed dating match Kenny Champoux, 45, and Trisha Champoux, 42, are expecting a baby girl in April.When Trisha entered the speed dating event in February 2015 she had no expectations of meeting her future husband.Each “date” lasted three minutes, and participants could expect to finish a few dozen of them before the event was over.If a connection was sparked during a conversation, daters circled “yes” on a sheet of paper to indicate they’d be open to speaking again.She remembered him telling her about his family and how some of them lived overseas like her.Kenny was struck by her smile and how much energy she still had at the end of the event.On Sunday afternoon, the program was held for those 45 to 55 and 56 and older.

John Adrian is no stranger to speed dating at the W. Last year some librarians persuaded him to attend the free, Valentine’s Day-inspired event.

The event’s organizers try to email contact information for pairs that express interest in each other within a week.

Then the couples can decide whether they want to schedule another date.

She’d been back home in Omaha for less than a year following more than a decade teaching first- and second-graders in India and Oman.“I was having tons of adventures, but I realized there was something missing,” she said.

So she came back to the Midwest to look for love, and her sister eventually persuaded her to give the library’s speed dating a try.

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