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At least she looks good in her awesome sparkly sweater!

The uptick may be due to an unscientific phenomenon called cuffing season, during which people look to form relationships to get them through the colder months."We think there is an uptick in matching and messaging post-Christmas because people are seeking a flame to warm the winter/post-Holiday chill," Coffee Meets Bagel spokesperson Liina Potter explained. In the New Year, people also seek the seed to create new beginnings, which includes new relationships."If you mess up in January, you should still be OK.

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If you've been sitting on your parents’ couch this holiday season glumly contemplating failed relationships past and your inevitable partnerless future, do not despair. Because when the clock strikes midnight Thursday, not only will you be making out with some random stranger, you’ll be entering the hottest month of the year for online daters.

Meanwhile, Rudy takes advantage of the situation and heckles Vanessa all day.

Needless to say, they are all wearing amazing sweaters!

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"Women are 5% more likely."If all else fails, pray for snow.

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