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One of the questions I’m asked most often is if swinging is a male-driven and dominated endeavor where husbands coerce their wives into this “degrading” situation.

The assumption is often based on the premise that any “decent and self-respecting” woman would not agree to being “objectified” in such a way.

I hear this often from people who know of my research with the swinging population, which they consider deviant and suspicious.

A colleague once commented that “swinging” wives are to be pitied since they have to “endure” these unrealistic demands from overbearing and oversexed husbands, and they should be viewed as victims of this male-dominated lifestyle.

I believe it's to thank for the success of our relationship.'It keeps me young.

I'd grown up in a traditional and conservative household where we went to church three times per week.'John, on the other hand, had always been very open-minded and had his first threesome after graduating from high school.'I had some misconceptions as I'd been taught swinging wasn't positive at all – I thought the couple must not love each other, or were using it as an excuse to cheat.

After discussing it for a few months, Jackie finally felt comfortable enough to give 'the lifestyle' a try. Being introduced to the lifestyle encouraged me to say yes and try new things in life.

I've learned to let go and I'm no longer concerned about what people will say''Meeting John gave me the freedom to explore that side of myself,' she said.

The couple found a man on Craigslist who was willing to meet them in his hotel room. 'I'd been so nervous and had so many fears going into it, but it was so different from anything I'd experienced.

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The following comments by the women reflect the opinion expressed by most of the women I interviewed: “The first time can be a little terrifying for the woman. Others commented on their expectations in the swinging context: “What kind of clothes should I wear?

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