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The study considered mainly French, Italian, Spanish and German.The paper was highly influential and with few exceptions, the terms T and V have been used in subsequent studies.Instead of defining the father-son relationship as one of power, it could be seen as a shared family relationship.Brown and Gilman term this the semantics of solidarity.

For centuries, it was the more powerful individual who chose to address a subordinate either with T or with V, or to allow the subordinate to choose.Officers in most armies are not permitted to address a soldier as T.Most European parents cannot oblige their children to use V.This use was progressively extended to other states and societies, and down the social hierarchy as a mark of respect to individuals of higher rank, religious authority, greater wealth, or seniority within a family.The development was slow and erratic, but a consistent pattern of use is estimated to have been reached in different European societies by the period 1100 to 1500.

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In Latin, tu was originally the singular, and vos the plural, with no distinction for honorific or familiar.

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