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When Jason wasn't taking lessons, he was acting in local plays in Montana (& later Oregon), amassing four KC/ACTF Irene Ryan nominations.His first "Major" movie role was in "National Treasure" as Thomas Gates, the stable boy who discovers that America's Founding Fathers hid the "Knights Templar Treasure". We would just lay under the blanket and kiss for the entire recess. So I always liked the outdoor biology, conservation, genetics — that sort of stuff. [This girl and I] used to hang underneath a blanket at recess and play house. Math and science were my favorite subjects besides theater. Jason Daniel Earles is an American actor, comedian, martial artist, and director.He started acting at the age of three, portraying Hansel in a stage production of ‘Hansel and Gretel’.He guest-starred twice in the Disney Channel series Phil of the Future as Grady Spaggett, an advanced math student.

He debuted on the big screen with ‘National Treasure’, portraying the character Thomas Gates.She has a crazy schedule and unfortunately, it just didn't work out for her to be there. I don't think we are all close in the sense of talking every day, but I know we all think about each other often and are overjoyed when our schedules line up and we actually get to see each other!But she was very happy for me and sent her love," Jason explained to . "In the interview, Katie also talked about watching Jason on TV, before they even got together. Jackson wasn’t exactly my type dating wise but I think Jason played his character perfectly.is an American actor, comedian, and martial artist, known for his role as Jackson Stewart in the Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana and his role as Rudy Gillespie in the Disney XD series Kickin' It.Earles played a nerdy card gamer who was friends with the character Brian Miller in the CBS sitcom Still Standing.

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Unlike a lot of actors his age, who just head to Hollywood without any training or experience, Jason decided to learn everything he could.

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