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And Sager also escaped being fired, issuing a resignation as the new county commission dragged its feet perhaps in disbelief that one of its top department heads, previously well respected by many in the building, had been recommended by the county sheriff’s department to be hit with a stealing charge. It’s hard to imagine a similar situation ending as happily in the private sector. ****** To say folks are excited about LC’s Hamburgers intending to open a burger joint in Platte City is an understatement. ****** I had this discussion with a fellow observer of the Platte City fast food scene.

****** I will say the patty-cake handling of the public works personnel situation is the only notable mistake I could find in the performance of the 2017 county commission. We tracked down this news in an interview with the LC’s folks last Thursday and when we busted out the article on our social media sites on Tuesday night it spread like wildfire. Assuming LC’s puts the drive through window to good use at its location in Platte City--they’ll be on the end of the strip mall on Platte Falls Road in front of Price Chopper, in the spot most recently occupied by New Shanghai Asian Food--they could put a small dent into some of the fast food restaurant business.

A stubborn motorist not wanting to pull into the appropriate parking spot at one of the city’s family-friendly festivals.And when there is, hey, that’s what the brave officers in the field handle.Remember, I would be chief, rarely if ever on patrol.Otherwise, in my opinion it was a very successful and effective first year for newcomers John Elliott and Dagmar Wood, who joined incumbent presiding commissioner Ron Schieber to form a strong board the past 12 months. ****** Landmark Live is back to terrorize the internet on Thursday, Jan. when Kansas City Royals public address announcer Mike Mc Cartney will join us for a fun Facebook broadcast from The Landmark’s second story studio in historic downtown Platte City. Normally this is a slow news time so we traditionally run a review of the top stories of the past 52 weeks. We’ve got a local city expanding its smoking ban, a fairly new alderman already hanging it up, medical facilities in Platte City and Parkville being sold, a woman freed by the governor after serving more than 35 years of a life sentence, and the popular LC’s Hamburgers telling us they’ll be bringing their fantastic menu to Platte City. Great news for Platte City as a whole and specifically for connoisseurs of fine burgers. The burgers are nothing short of fantastic, my friends. Some of the less busy local fast food places--like the Burger King or Wendy’s--could feel an effect.Culver’s may feel a slight effect, but that place seems to have a pretty steady business.

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