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Because it was attached to a column titled "Some Really Scary Sex" that I wrote a month ago, not that many of you would be likely to see it. For that reason, I've copied the letter and added the single response. My daughter, in her 30's was recently added to the registry. Handcuffed his hands behind his back, exposed his buttocks, poured oil on him and pretended to put a dildo style vibrator in his anus.

If you can provide any insight and/or offer any help, now's the time. Well, there are three big problems with the registry. The first is that we have not decided, as a country, which crimes we really want to see registered. Her 161/2 year old daughter came in with her cellphone and taped it.

This is destroying our family, our children's well-being and my father in law (a decorated war veteran) has depleted his pension supporting us. Neighbors stare at our home; people think a rapist lives in the home. His now deceased father-in-law didn't like that he got his underage girlfriend (his daughter) pregnant. My neighbor is married to the now-of-age girlfriend and they have two children between them. You ask the question, "Why in Gods name isn't any common sense prevailing around this issue and why not start letting people off the registry who are not a public threat? Recently I consulted my local Serial Killer Registry and found out I'm living next door to a guy who killed three lunchroom ladies when they refused to give him seconds on the chili! In a blink, boys go from normal, horny teens to official sex offenders on the registry--a registry that sounds so helpful. I don't even know if i should be writing this but i have some strong opinions if my opinion counts. At that time i was deemed not sexually dangerous.(as defined by law states that i posed no threat to the health or safety of the community.) That law was abolished years later as i continued to serve out my sentence of 15 years. The judge sentenced her to 3 months in jail, 3 years on probation. As a Certified Life Coach I work with individuals and families facing many issues, including their RSO status.

Her 161/2 year old daughter came in with her cellphone and taped it. Pretty ridiculous,even the cops often comment on how ridiculous this registry is.After having 5 doctors examine me, 2 resulting in a not sexually dangerous finding, 2 resulting in inconclusive, and 1 resulting in a sexually dangerous finding but later shown in court that he did not have all the correct information. I'm not entirely sure why many of us, including myself, gravitate toward the latter emotion, but there are several possibilities: Those of us whose anger was nullified by compassion probably 1.The overwhelming evidence that concludes i pose no threat to the health or safety of the community how does the registry board reach a decision to classify me a level 3? Tying someone up without their permission and not letting them go... Doing unwanted SEXUAL things to him, AFTER restraining him... grew up in a family that valued compassion and practiced it actively in their daily lives, 2.the sex offender registry is simple a joke and serves no true purpose in my opinion. Those of us who are not inclined to feel compassion have likely not had very much experience with it, or have experienced much of the opposite, whether in our families, in our close relationships, or in our day-to-day lives with strangers. The whole point is that they never did anything wrong, and now they suffer under a label that was attached to the wrong person. Wonder what age his first wife was when they got divorced. The registry is blotted,defeated its own purpose and is merley a scarlett letter to hang on people.And lastly it i feel that it creates new victims for the children of an offender who is beaten or picked on due to their mother or father having to register, So when that happens who's the criminal ? Thus, one way we can cultivate compassion in others is to give them that which we expect in return. No compassion what so ever..do you even call ur self human? He was a 35 year old teacher who had sex with his 14 year old student. She might had said yes to make it consensual but their are reasons these laws have been passed. It makes posturing politicans look good, gives the media fodder for sensationalized sex scandal stories yet tradgically provides cover and camoflague for real predators ,who hide in the registry amongst an ocean of statutory,sexting,consensual and other non sense,non violent cases.

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